corporate retirement plans

As a team of Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors, we increase the value of your retirement benefits through unbiased advice and personalized service.


With increasing retirement plan complexity, plan sponsors are under more scrutiny now than ever before. Most plan sponsors feel overwhelmed in trying to manage their fiduciary obligations. A fiduciary’s responsibilities under the rules of ERISA are recognized as the “highest known to the law”. We work with your plan sponsor/administrator to make sure your plan maintains ERISA compliance.

– 3(21) & 3(38) Fiduciary
– Plan governance and documentation
– Adherence to IPS and plan document
– Plan audit support


We believe that employees are the backbone of any business. In 2018, 60% of employees lacked adequate retirement planning and 90% of employees had not saved enough for retirement. We build and service plans to effectively prepare employees for retirement, retain/attract top talent, and keep employees excited & engaged in their retirement.
(*based on Fidelity study)

– Periodic employee meetings
– Customized education program
– Enrollment support and videos
– Attract and retain employees


As companies grow and evolve, it is important that their retirement plan keeps pace. In the past 2 years, only 37% of plans have increased available investment options, only 33% have replaced an underperforming fund, and only 25% added a lower-cost share class. We continuously monitor your plan to ensure it is meeting your business’ objectives and remains up to date given industry developments (*based on Fidelity study).

– Plan design and strategy
– Investment fund selection
– Plan and fee benchmarking
– Vendor negotiation


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corporate retirement plans

Weaver Consulting Group is a family business led by CRPC-Certified Advisors, Jason and Travis Weaver. Our advisors offer 20 years of experience creating customized solutions for every kind of retirement dream — from early retirement to “unretirement”—and every phase of the market cycle.