Who We Are

We work to bring humanity back to retirement planning. You’ll find that an appointment at our office feels more like a visit, as we genuinely care about our clients, and are proud to call them our friends.

At Weaver Consulting Group, we know you work hard and deserve the life you want. Whether that’s relaxing, reconnecting, traveling, or transforming your life – you’ve earned it. All you need is a financial partner who truly listens and has the expertise to prepare you for what’s next.

Weaver Consulting Group is family-run business led by CRPC-Certified Advisors. Our advisors offer 20 years of experience creating customized solutions for every kind of retirement dream — from early retirement to “unretirement”—and every phase of the market cycle.


With over two decades of experience, our proficiency is highly specialized and includes an exclusive “economic clock” paradigm. This method, coupled with our family-centered approach, encapsulates our charge to guide you through every aspect of the economy and your financial future — from home purchases and mortgages, to investment properties and car leases. We’ll serve as your ongoing consultant and partner.

Weaver Consulting Group’s Mission:
We individualize every relationship to create a community of confident, informed, and inspired retirees.

Our Story

Meet The Team

Jason M. Weaver
Financial Advisor
Managing Partner

Jason Weaver co-founded Weaver Consulting Group based on a realization that advice is everywhere. And what clients need is to work with a consultant that offers unbiased and personalized advice from someone who truly cares about them and their family. Formerly of Ameriprise Financial Advisors, Jason devoted 20 years developing a thriving practice. The practice...

Travis J. Weaver
Financial Advisor

Travis Weaver co-founded Weaver Consulting Group with the purpose of helping people make important decisions. Travis graduated with a degree in financial services from SDSU and has furthered his education and credentials to become a “Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor”, an “Accredited Asset Management Specialist”, and an “Accredited Wealth Management Advisor” from the College of Financial...

Jessica N. Johnson
Operations Manager

Jessica joined the team in 2008.  From what started as a temporary position, Jessica has built her career and shaped the back bone of the way Weaver Consulting Group functions on a daily basis.  She is the spirit leader of the team and has helped create our culture of warm smiles and big hugs.  Jessica...

Hunter A. Peterson
Financial Advisor

Hunter joined the team in 2017. He started his career at Vanguard and quickly realized that financial advice is more than just helping make investment decisions. It is about educating, building relationships, and helping people through transitions. Hunter graduated from Chapman University with a dual degree in Business/Finance and Accounting. He was a member of...

Kaylyn M. Rhea
Client Service Associate

Kaylyn joined Weaver Consulting Group in 2018 after three years in the event planning industry.    She is originally from Washington, and her natural drive to succeed brought her to Southern California where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  Being the first to graduate from college in her family, she is a self-starter who...