Those We Serve

We serve hard-working individuals and their families who are planning for,
or are currently making the transition from work to retirement.

Our clients and their dreams and interests are diverse — and so are their needs. Some are exploring funds for new projects; others wish to travel, learn, continue working, or are simply focused on their legacy. We believe our clients still trust in American institutions, and want an advisor they trust as well.

Many have moved to California from the Midwest and bring with them their down-home values of honesty, integrity and authenticity. They come from communities where neighbor helps neighbor, and carry on that tradition to their transplanted home. As warm and caring people, they look to advisors who offer a human touch rather than a cold, online experience or an impersonal call center.

No matter their goals, we believe our clients want a unique plan and investment program. And as their retirement continues to evolve, their plans will need to evolve with them, requiring ongoing support, counsel and education throughout their lives.

Our clients want to replace income, preserve wealth, and leave a legacy for their families. They are not looking to make a new fortune. They simply want to know they will be taken care of, and that someone will be there for them whenever they have a question or need.

While our clients may be traditional from an investment perspective, they are not their parents, and are not all looking to live out their parents’ retirement. Some require funds for major projects; others wish to travel, study abroad or even continue working. Some are creating “living legacies”, spending their money now on their loved ones before ultimately leaving it to them.