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$1 Million

What Can $1 Million Buy You

$1 Million sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? That is because it is. That many one dollar bills tacked on top of one another would reach 358 feet tall. or the height of a 35 story building. It is a lot of money. However, it does not buy what it used to.

Weaver Consulting Group: Who We Are

Weaver Consulting Group is a local, family owned, Registered Investment Advisory practice in Huntington Beach, California. We have been providing our expertise and sharing our experiences for the last 22 years.

Benefits of Working in Retirement

For some, retirement is an end to a chapter of your working life. The rules behind retiring have changed in recent years. People are starting to see retirement as an opportunity to enjoy life after careers. Retirement could be a chance to pursue a life long passion or a completely new venture.

Jason Weaver Recognized in Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors 2019

Weaver Consulting Group is delighted to announce that our managing partner, Jason Weaver, has been recognized in the Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors List for 2019.

Your Emergency Fund

Do you have an emergency fund? When starting one, do you know how much to save or where to keep it?

Federal Reserve and How It Got That Way

Did you know that the Federal Reserve Act was not the nation’s first attempt at creating a central bank? Today, the four main responsibilities of the Federal Reserve are to run monetary policy, oversee financial firms, maintain stability in the financial system and provide financial services.

How Income Taxes Work

Income taxes can be tricky. Many people hire a tax professional or use an online service. Are you familiar with how income taxes work?

Changing Unhealthy Behaviors

Identifying a New Year Resolution may be easy, but what about maintaining the new behavior after the initial excitement wears off? Some people want to start exercising more, eat healthy or pick up a new hobby. But changing one’s lifestyle can be difficult without a plan.

18 Years Worth of Days

Many people think about the “big picture” activities they want to do when they retire, like traveling or taking up a new hobby. But it could also be important to think about what your day to day activities look like. What activities do you think will take up 18 years worth of days when you retire?

Perception vs. Reality

There might be differences between the financial perception of retiring and what it actually looks like. What steps are you taking to ensure  the perception of your retirement turns into reality?