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February 2020 – 3 in 3

This month, Jason Weaver discusses the pandemic risks, the presidential cycle and secular trends.

Pandemic Risk

Pandemic risks are large-scale outbreaks of infectious disease that can greatly increase morbidity and mortality over a wide geographic area. They can cause significant economic, social, and political disruption.

Previous Examples of Pandemic Risks are:

SARS (2003)

Swine Flu (2009)

Ebola Breakout (2018)

Coronavirus (2019)…Potentially

While it is impossible to predict the extent, a virus can spread and have greater consequences than past epidemics, history indicates that the global economy and markets have been relatively immune to the effects of past epidemics.

pandeimic risk

Presidential Cycle

Historically, the 4th year of the President’s term is volatile in the 1st 6 months until there is certainty around the opposing political party’s candidate


YEARS 1 & 2:

The new President exits campaign mode and works hard to fulfill campaign promises

YEARS 3 & 4:

The President works hard to strengthen the economy in an effort to earn votes with economic stimuli, such as tax cuts and job creation.

presidential cycle

Secular Trends

An economy or market trend associated with a characteristic or phenomenon that is not cyclical or seasonal but exists over a relatively long period. Secular movements can proceed in either a positive or negative direction.

Examples of Current Secular Trends

Solar Energy
Electric Cars
Cloud Computing


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