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This month, Jason Weaver discusses the barbell stock strategy, active vs passive bonds, and the Federal Reserve brake pedal.



Barbell Stock Strategy

Bringing 2 different stock strategies together within a portfolio


Benefit from reopening dynamic

More money today or high dividend payouts in high inflation environment

Growth/Quality Stocks

 Quality companies with pricing power

 Strong Balance Sheets

 Resilient cash flow



Active vs. Passive Bonds

Rising rates can create downward price pressure on fixed income portfolios

Core bond portfolios invest primarily in investment-grade and rate sensitive fixed income

Multisector bond portfolios seek income by investing among several fixed-income sectors


High yield

Managed duration

Federal Reserve Brake Pedal

The Fed’s “brake pedal” refers to their ability to slowdown the economy

Increase Interest Rates

Reduce Bond Purchases

The Fed recognizes that inflation is here

Rather than putting foot on the brake pedal, the Fed will likely “take foot of gas”

Monetary policy is still very accommodative with low rates