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Newsletter May 2023

We’ve noticed that customer service has changed since the start of the pandemic. Being a small company whose business thrives on the client experience, I really look for that in other companies. Whether it is big or small, I recognize when someone asks me about my day. I’ve recently noticed that I’m not having the same experiences I once did, and I’m willing to pay a premium for good customer service. As someone that flies often, I value my relationship with Delta Airlines.


In March, we took our first trip to Park City as a family of four. When I went to check in for my flight, I noticed it was gone. I checked my email and found that it had been canceled two weeks prior around 7:50 AM (my coffee time Sienna’s feeding time). I realized that Nicolai had been on my phone that time and canceled it! Rebooking the flight would have been double and I couldn’t believe it. If you know Nicolai, you know how clever and smart he is. I called Delta, and surprisingly I got through to someone quickly. They were able to reinstate my ticket, which was a major sigh of relief.


It made me so grateful for my loyalty to them. Who do you value for customer service and why? You should have received a link in your email for a client satisfaction survey from us, which will provide a check in on our own customer service. We hope that we are still providing you with excellent service and that your experience with us is as good as ever.


– Jessica


I recently flew on Alaska Airlines and couldn’t stop commenting to my husband about how wonderful the customer service that we received was. It was refreshing to have such helpful employees from check in to boarding and it made me realize how much customer service norms seem to have changed. According to the 10th edition of the National Customer Rage Survey (which tracks satisfaction and incivility) 74% of Americans say they’ve had product or service problem(s) in the past year. This number is increasing; but why? Many clients still seek live-agent support, and the person they speak to can make or break their experience.


We have all experienced an automated system misinterpreting verbal requests, sending us to an inactive phone queue or just spinning your call in circles. I feel like there is nothing more frustrating, especially when it is important. Since the pandemic started, many companies have made customer service more accessible and convenient through digital channels.


While I appreciate having quick service at my fingertips, I have recognized that having the option for personal interaction is important to me. Genuine connections with caring representatives leave a lasting impression and that is something I focus on in my role here.


– Kaylyn


From my personal experience, I’ve witnessed a significant transformation in customer service that has both its positives and negatives. With technology, customer service has become more accessible and convenient. Instead of waiting on hold for hours, most companies have implemented a “live chat” on their website to answer questions. Recently, I was at a fast-food restaurant that had a machine taking orders. I didn’t have to wait in a long line and I was out of the restaurant within 10 minutes.


While speed and efficiency are nice, I sometimes feel that the personal touch and care is getting lost. Building relationships is the core of customer service, and the human touch is crucial. Every week, I go to the bank to deposit money for a foundation that I am involved in. While I have the option to drop money off in an envelope at their drop box or deposit checks electronically, I oftentimes choose to walk into the bank to deposit the money with the bank teller. The tellers greet me by my name, and sometimes offer water or coffee while I am there.


Over the years, I’ve built a relationship with the bank tellers that is unique and keeps me coming back. As we navigate this evolving landscape, let’s remember that exceptional customer service goes beyond convenience. The dedicated people behind the scenes shape our experiences. The next time you have a positive customer service experience, let the employee or company know. Not only will it make their day, but it will also encourage them to continue providing positive experiences for other customers.


– Hunter


Newsletter May 2023

Newsletter May 2023