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Newsletter May 2019


When I think of transformations, I picture a cocoon turning into a butterfly. The metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly requires a process that every butterfly has to go through. But, when I think of this process in humans, I don’t think of it in terms of appearance but rather in the mind. A human transformation starts as a thought, and to gain traction, it finds its way into your heart and soul.

My mom recommended the book, “When Changing Nothing Changes Everything” by Laurie Short. In the book, Laurie describes that re-framing your perspective can transform your life. Personally, I agree with her. Looking at your life through different lenses can show that what you see impacts how you live. If you put on the right lens, you can transform your outlook on the good and the bad.

But, even more important to me is that protecting your thoughts can also be a way to protect your heart. As I have seen that not every human transformation becomes more beautiful. As people change around us, its important to remember that how we perceive these changes will help us through our own transformation.

– Jason Weaver

newsletter may 2019YOUR LIFE

A common question people ask when they meet you is, “What do you do?” And throughout life, the answer to this question defines part of you. People spend most of their adult life working hard and accomplishing goals. Some of these goals could be working hard for a promotion or climbing up the ranks in management. But once you are no longer tied to a specific job title or career, how would you answer the question above? What tasks will fill your days with a sense of accomplishment and purpose?

What will your new goals be? Recently, one of our clients visited his home country of Cuba at the age of 61. This was the first time he had been back since a very young age. This client had built and enjoyed a very successful career as a physician in Southern California. While in Cuba, he took a deep dive into his heritage and religion. He became completely fascinated and felt that he had found his calling. By chance, he completely transformed his life from successful physician to one dedicated to faith.


Often in our experience with clients we are helping transform their relationship with money. It’s easy to feel like you’re not saving enough, or that the contribution to your retirement account is money taken away from you, but the realization is, you’re paying yourself first. We recently had a client pass away, who was probably one of the best savers we have ever met. She always paid herself first. She grew up in a family who had very little money, so when she started to earn money, she saved as much as possible.

By the time of her death in 2016, she had managed to save a sizable amount of money from an income which peaked at $42,000. She truly transformed her relationship with money. Her spouse who was left behind, had no idea that her love had been saving all of this money over time. This year, she tasked us with finding the perfect memorial. When we learned that a baby giraffe was born at the Living Desert in Palm Desert, we knew from a story she told us that we had a potential gift.

As the story goes, a young girl once described the pair as a “giraffe and tiger,” a moniker that their friends still use to refer to them to this day. So, “Tiger” made a sizeable donation to the Zoo in order to help with the conservation of the giraffe habitats around the world. As a way to honor the donation, the Zoo allowed her to name its newest member of the giraffe family. Together we found a way to let the memory of her dearest “Giraffe” live on, for generations to come. A true living legacy.