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Newsletter November 2023

Who doesn’t appreciate a present? There’s nothing more special. It’s not just a positive experience for the recipient, but satisfaction for the gift-giver as well. Apparently, there are some psychological and physical benefits behind it. Giving produces endorphins, decreases blood pressure and reduces stress, promotes cooperation and social connection, and evokes gratitude.


The Fall season marks the beginning of a time full of giving! When it comes to choosing a gift, it can be easy to feel like it’s an obligation, a task to check off a list, a challenge even. A trick I learned from the most thoughtful gift-giver I know – my mom – is to listen to what people say. What little things have they said they like? Something as specific as roasted, unsalted macadamia nuts by 365 Whole Food Markets or as vague as simply, the beach. Draw from that for inspiration for an idea! To give a meaningful gift, it doesn’t need to be pricey or a great quantity. Your care can be conveyed in something that is personal.


In my experience, the best presents are the ones that make me laugh, smile with nostalgia or beam at getting something that says, “you are known”. Gift-giving is my love language, so I may be biased when I say this, but I sincerely look forward to this season for that very reason. What about you?

– Elise



Nicolai crafted his inaugural Christmas wishlist this year, inspired by the heartwarming tale of Corduroy’s Christmas. His list is simple; a police car, a Christmas tree, festive decorations, a banana, stickers, and pictures of firetrucks. Years ago, I came across an enlightening article penned by a social worker, urging parents to take credit for the more substantial Christmas presents, considering that not all families can afford extravagant gifts. It also highlighted how some children struggle to comprehend why Santa would gift them socks while another child receives an iPad.


This resonated with me. Thus, last year, Santa presented Nicolai with a unique assortment of gifts – an avocado, a set of Legos, and, as you may have guessed, a banana. When Nicolai speaks of it, his face fills with pride at the thoughtfulness of Santa’s gifts. He is genuinely overjoyed that Santa took him into consideration. This made me realize that gifts serve as a means to demonstrate that we hold someone in our thoughts. They need not be extravagant or costly; their purpose is simply to let someone know they are remembered. As always, my little boy has managed to provide me with a fresh perspective.


This season, I hope you remember that the true value lies not in the gift itself. May this realization alleviate any anxiety surrounding gift-giving, and help you to remember the spirit of the Holidays. Wishing you all a joyful and meaningful holiday season.

– Lots of Love, Jessica



As the leaves fall and the cozy aroma of cinnamon fills the air, we find ourselves in the gift-giving season. It’s a time of year that warms our hearts and connects us with loved ones. In this edition of our newsletter, we celebrate the joy of giving, sharing, and making cherished memories with those we hold dear.


Gifts are more than just objects; they are tokens of our affection, thoughtfulness, and appreciation. Whether it’s a handmade card from a grandchild, a carefully chosen book, or a simple gesture of kindness, it’s the love and sentiment that make a gift truly special. This season let’s cherish the act of giving itself, for it’s in the giving that we receive the most. My favorite types of gifts to give are experiences. Experiences create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.


For my mom’s birthday this year, rather than getting her a material gift, I took her out to a nice dinner. The time we spent together, the food we ate, and the fun we had is something that we won’t forget. Unlike material gifts, which may lose their appeal or wear out over time, memories of a great experience can become even more valuable as people age. This season, lets enjoy the delight of giving and savoring the laughter, stories, and the warmth of our loved one’s company. As we navigate this beautiful time of year, may your hearts be full, and your spirits be bright.




Newsletter November 2023