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October 2021 – 3 in 3


This month Jason Weaver discusses the supply chain, savings rate and working age population.



Supply Chain

Record consumer demand has created a global supply chain crisis

Ports, Port Drivers, Trucking, Containers, Exporters, Storage, Railroad, retailers, and consumers are all affected

Costs as much as $25,000 to import a 40-foot container from Asia, up from less than $2,000 two years ago.

High Demand & Low Supply has created inflation in all goods (automobiles, furniture, etc)


Savings Rate

Income left over after people spend money and pay taxes is personal saving.

Current Savings Rate:  9.4%

Long-term Avg:  8.8%



Working Age Population

In September 2021, the working age population (age 15-64) in the US had over $205M people

Millennials accounting for the largest generation in the US workforce

Less competition for jobs could create wage inflation as workers will command higher pay




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