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This month, April 2019,  Jason Weaver discusses the earnings season, credit spreads and the yield curve. If you would like to subscribe to our monthly 3 in 3 videos, visit our YouTube channel below. At Weaver Consulting Group we’ve come to know through our clients that they like to stay informed about the economy and markets. This is why we’ve come up with “3 in 3.”

3 in 3 is a monthly video series centered around three current market themes for the month with their accompanying data points. At Weaver Consulting Group it’s our goal to provide the maximum amount of value to you and your family. We hope this helps you feel more informed. Which allows you to be more confident, so that you may find yourself inspired and worry free in retirement!

Earnings Season

Credit Spreads

Yield Curve


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March 2019 – 3 in 3 Market Update