Our Insights

This month, Jason Weaver gives a market update on stocks, bonds and commodities.




The S&P 500 is down -19.92% in 2022 (as of 6/15)

The Energy & Utility sectors have been the best performers YTD

Technology, Communication, and Discretionary have been the worst performers

Equity investors continue to monitor inflation, interest rates, and Russia/Ukraine


The aggregate bond index (AGG) is down -11.59% in 2022 (as of 6/15)

The Fed has already raised the fed funds rate +1.5% since March

Corporate bond yields have risen with Fed hikes & market volatility




Commodities (DBC ETF) have been the best performing asset class in 2022: +42.35% (as of 6/15)

Energy, Metals, & Agriculture make up the   broad basket

Price have spiked this year due to strong demand and the war in Ukraine