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Senior year graduation marks both an end and a beginning—an occasion to celebrate the milestones achieved and the hard work accomplished. It’s a moment filled with anticipation for the potential future ahead. Stepping into this new phase entails responsibility and freedom. There is a kind of thrill in it, a mix of fear and hope, as one’s life unfolds like a “choose your own adventure” story.


While senior year is often portrayed as the make-or-break moment for figuring out life, it’s merely a single stop on a much longer journey, full of chances and choices. Each person’s path is uniquely their own. Reflecting on my own senior year, I’ve come to see it as a recurring pattern in the human experience. Life, I’ve realized, is a series of seasons. With every transition, we encounter fresh faces, opportunities, and obstacles. As we enter each new chapter, we may do so with a blend of innocence, naivety, and excitement.


Along the way, we make mistakes, but we also find mentors and supporters to guide us through. The clean slate that senior year offers is not a one-time opportunity confined to youth; it’s a mindset, a way of approaching life. It serves as a catalyst to step beyond our comfort zones and embrace growth—a mentality that can be adopted at any age. So, even if your senior year experience wasn’t particularly memorable, there remains an opportunity to infuse that vitality into your life by embracing what we might call the “senior year” attitude.


– Elise




The coming month will bring tremendous happiness, not for my own milestones, but for the journey we’re about to celebrate as a family. While my own senior year of college and graduation didn’t etch the deepest marks on my memory, the anticipation of what lay beyond always propelled me forward. The completion of my college degree and my internship at American Express Financial Advisors were merely the start to a marathon I was eager to run.


This month, however, brings a different kind of milestone, one that resonates with a sense of pride and reflection. We are gearing up to celebrate Colin’s graduation from M.I.T., a moment that not only marks the culmination of his undergraduate journey but also the beginning of an exciting new chapter as he embarks on his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at M.I.T.. It feels like just yesterday when Colin delivered his valedictorian speech at Mater Dei High School, a moment of immense pride and joy. The swift passage of the last four years is a testament to the relentless pace of time and the growth we’ve witnessed in Colin. Standing on this side of the journey, as a parent, the emotions run deeper, and the sense of pride is unparalleled.


Colin’s graduation is not just a celebration of his achievements but a moment for us, as parents, to reflect on the journey that has brought us here. It’s a time to look back at the challenges overcome, the milestones achieved, and the unwavering determination that has led to this moment. It’s a reminder of the role we’ve played in guiding and supporting him through this journey, and the joy of watching him step into his future with confidence and ambition.


– Jason




Reflecting on the theme of senior year, I’m reminded of the parallels between the unknowns we face during our senior years and the guidance we receive along the way. Senior year is a milestone marked by uncertainty. Yet, it’s also a time when guidance from mentors, teachers, and loved ones plays a crucial role in shaping our direction. When I think back on my senior year of high school, my family played a crucial role in helping me make a college decision. They also provided me with confidence to go to an out of state university.


In my senior year of college, I relied on my football coaches and professors to give me that same level of confidence heading into my career. As we approach our financial senior years, we may be faced with a multitude of unknowns—retirement planning, healthcare costs, estate planning, to name a few. But just as we relied on guidance during our youth, seeking advice from financial professionals can provide clarity and confidence as we navigate these uncharted waters. We strive to offer the best guidance and support as you embark on this new chapter of your life.


Together, we can address the unknowns and create a roadmap tailored to your unique goals and aspirations. Whether it’s developing a retirement plan, protecting your assets, or maximizing your investments, we are here to provide the expertise and guidance you need to navigate your financial senior year with confidence.
Just as senior year is a time of growth, discovery, and transformation, so too is your financial journey. Embrace the unknown with confidence, knowing that you have a dedicated team of advisors by your side every step of the way.






Newsletter February 2024