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August 2021 – 3 in 3

This month Jason Weaver discusses peak growth, vaccinations, reopening and international investing.


Peak Growth

Peak growth in the economy and earnings are more frequently becoming headlines.

Government stimulus has boosted economic growth Q3-2020 through Q2-2021

A slowing economy doesn’t mean negative returns, and the current conditions may be pointing at nothing more than a cooling off.

Economists see a gradual reversion to the mean for the U.S.


Vaccinations / Reopening

4.89 billion doses have been administered across 183 countries

36.2 million doses a day

31.9% of Global population has been fully vaccinated

Distribution has been lopsided. Countries with higher incomes are getting vaccinated more than 20x faster than lower income countries

Global reopening is largely controlled by each country’s government and lockdown restrictions

Spending makes up the largest part of the economy in most countries



International Investing

The powerful economic restart is broadening, with Europe and other major economies catching up with the U.S.

A risk to the expansion is the prevalence of COVID-19 variants


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