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Password Protection Strategies

Do you use the same password for multiple online accounts? Hackers steal passwords online often and it might be worth it to review yours and be sure your privacy is protected. Here are some tips that could help ensure your information is safe online:


3 in 3 – Weaver Consulting Group

At Weaver we’ve come to know through our clients that they like to stay informed about the economy and markets, which is why we’ve come up with “3 in 3.” “3 in 3” is a monthly video series centered around three current market themes for the month with their accompanying data points. At Weaver Consulting Group it’s our goal to provide the maximum amount of value to you and your family. We hope this helps you feel more informed, which allows you to be more confident, so that you may find yourself inspired and worry free in retirement!


The Power of Compound Interest

How does this affect you and your investments? Watch this video to learn more: The Power of Compound Interest – Video        


Newsletter 08/2018

As technology evolves, it is becoming one of the biggest shifts the wealth management industry has seen. Artificial intelligence is changing the way we conduct daily activities and through medical advances, people are living longer. The 4th edition of our newsletter shares how technology has become an important aspect in our every day lives. Feel free to let us know what you think, we hope you enjoy!


Investing with Your Heart

While return on investments could be a main motivating factor for people to invest, it is not the only reason that people do. Have you heard of ESG? Some use it as a guideline for investing in options that align with their personal values and beliefs.


The Rule of 72

Do you know how long it takes for your money to double?


Understanding Your Wealth

In 1943, Abraham Maslow presented a hierarchy based on the idea that there are different levels to people’s needs. He believed the ones at the bottom must be met before fulfilling those at the top. That same pyramid can still be used today to help with needs versus wants. We all make lifestyle choices, but are you getting emotional satisfaction from them? If not you might be sacrificing a need for a want.


You Would Rather Be

We help you to measure your financial risk, but how do you measure your personal risk? Some people get thrills out of bungee jumping, others can find a similar feeling of adrenaline from a scary book. Whatever it may be, how do you measure up?! Follow the chart.


1 Year Anniversary – Client Appreciation Event

We were grateful to spend a special evening enjoying wine and appetizers with our wonderful community of clients last week at the Pasea Hotel and Spa in Huntington Beach, CA. Our first year went by so fast and the transition would not have gone as smoothly if it weren’t for the trust and support from our clients. We are looking forward to our next Client Appreciation Event in October.


Best Vacations by Car, Ship or Foot

Summer is almost here and it is the perfect time to travel. The world is a beautiful place and there are many ways to explore by car, ship or foot. Do you have any once in a lifetime trips planned for this summer? Or will you be traveling to a favorite place you’ve been before? We’d love to hear what you have planned!