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March 2020 – 3 in 3


Medical Professionals

We need to make sure they have safety and necessary supplies (testing kits, protective equipment, hospital beds, etc) to continue work.

Back Stopping Small Businesses

Small businesses and their employees need to stay afloat as they are a massive part of the American economy.

Availability of Credit

Make it easy for banks to lend and businesses to draw on their bank lines.

Liquidity in Markets

Fed announced quantitative easing where they can buy securities (treasuries and mortgage backed securities).

Proposed Stimulus Estimate


President Trump declared COVID 19 a national emergency under both the Stafford Act & National Emergencies Act

Stafford Act

Empowers FEMA to directly assist state and local governments during “natural catastrophes” and coordinate the nation’s unified response. Allows the federal government to rapidly direct more resources at local levels needed to respond to the disaster.

National Emergencies Act

Authorizes the president to declare a “national emergency” whenever he or she decides it’s appropriate. The president is allowed to bypass Congress and reprogram funding toward whatever areas he deems fit


Credit spreads are the difference in yield between similar maturity but different credit quality bonds. When treasury markets are favored, credit spreads widen. Credit Spreads have spiked since the end of February and the primary catalyst is for the stock market and economy. Widening spreads will challenge indebted companies.



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